“Parker has the seductive looks and sensuous voice just right for Nedda.”
-Spokesman Review


Spokesman Review

“Nedda was beautifully sung by soprano Heather Parker. Parker has the seductive looks and sensuous voice just right for Nedda. Her Act I aria “Stridono lassù,” in which she envies the freedom of the birds contrasting with her own hemmed-in life, was touching. Her love duet with Joshua Jeremiah as Silvio conveyed the complexity of Nedda’s character. Her conflicted feelings of wifely duty and yearning for freedom and love were better presented than in productions I have seen of this opera even by some major opera companies.”



“Heather Parker as Micaela, the sweet fiancée, has got it all- vocals and presence. Parker was impeccable, both vocally and as an actress. She also offered one of the show's most stunning solos in Act Three.”


“Wow, did lyric soprano Heather Parker, singing the part of the abandoned girlfriend Micaëla, and Stephen Mark Brown, singing the role of corporal of the guard Don José, burn up the stage with magnificent, moving, animated and vocally powerful performances. Both individually and when singing in ensemble, these two performers made this Carmen a joy to the senses. Well done to both!”


Spokesman Review

“Soprano Heather Parker as Pamina has the beautiful lyric gift her role demands.”


Seattle Times

The attractive and resonant Antonia of Heather Parker...

Seattle Gay News

“Although the Antonia of Heather Parker was far superior Sunday afternoon to that of ….., no one else excelled.”

Queen Anne News

“Heather Parker in the Sunday cast was perhaps even more affecting than -…… on Saturday as Antonia, the singer who will die if she sings.”


Florida Times- Union

"Heather Parker, in her vivacious turn as Marcello’s muse Musetta, easily stole the spotlight whenever she was on stage. Her effortless lyric soprano was front and center in both her Act II preening and her Act IV sorrow, but never at the expense of ensemble unity in duets and counterpoint. Her physical expression, from broad comedy to quieter personal interactions, was a joy to watch.”

Seattle Times

Heather Parker lit up the stage as the incendiary Musetta, complete with vocal fireworks.

Seattle Weekly

“First, there is Heather Parker’s Musetta, an object lesson in bringing a character alive vocally. Her Act II waltz is the key: To her usual melting phrasing, Parker adds a steely tone and sharper-than-a-serpent's-tooth consonants both seductive and bitter at once, just the sort of acting-with-the-voice that is a good opera production's greatest strength.”

Seattle Post- Intellegencer

Heather Parker's Musetta was terrific- A big sound and stage presence.


Hippo Press, Manchester, NH

"Heather Parker, singing the lead role of Adina, brought attractive warmth and gaiety to her character, sometimes teasing and flirtatious, yet with a touching candor when she eventually persuades her suffering suitor Nemorino of her love for him. Her coloratura is fluently voiced, gleaming, and bell-like in its higher register."


Spokesman Review

“The homegrown talent was just as impressive, especially the outstanding Heather Parker singing the role of Norina. One of the joys of this production is watching Parker pretend to turn into an utter, profligate shrew.“


Opera News

“Heather Parker radiated elfin glamour, vocally and physically, as Tytania — a lovely performance from every point of view.”


Opera Online.us

“First, kudos to soprano Heather Parker for her role as Susanna, the would-be bride of Figaro. I saw her perform in Opera North’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and she did a superlative job there as she did here. Ms. Parker exhibited just the right amount of gutsy perkiness and sensual “come hither” the role required, and sang up a storm to boot. She has a good stage presence coupled with a consistently strong voice that is bound to pay dividends as she moves along in her career.”

Times Argus

“The Opera North production was made all the more entertaining by soprano Heather Parker’s Susanna. Not only did she sing with lyric beauty, spirit and finesse, she played the savvy young woman with a naturalness that, though she never drew attention to herself, added an extra sparkle to the stage. In short, she proved the ideal Mozart singer-actor--- natural, refined, with an excellent vocal technique, and very real.”

Valley News

“As Susanna, Heather Parker is graced with a strong, supple voice, and expansive stage presence. She has a natural bounce to her voice, a clear, ringing but not brassy sound that serves Susanna well---the vocal equivalent of a brand-new, glinting copper penny---and she brings her to bustling life.”


Seattle Times

"Heather Parker was a winning Zerlina."

The Washington Post

“The peasant girl Zerlina, stole the show, as sung by the glamorous and note-perfect soprano Heather Parker."


Seen and Heard International Opera Review

“Heather Parker stole the show with her fine voice and excellent acting as the wily Despina!”

Mozart on a Summer's Eve Concert

Spokesman Review

“Heather Parker is jaw-droppingly talented and also proved to be a great crowd-pleaser in her series of arias with her beautiful, controlled soprano.”